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Thumbnail images of interior work in progress.
1. Perfect initial string height and position.
2. Plot angle and size of inlay from thin deer antler stock
taking into consideration grain orientation.
3. Cut a perfect orifice for inlay with chisel and knife.
4. Check for perfect fit of inlay and spot glue into
position with moderate downward pressure from E string.
5. Carefully and slowly pare excess antler down to surface
of bridge with knife, file, diamond stone, and 1500 grit          
sandpaper held flat by 6" ruler.
6. Cut and smooth string grove in antler being careful to
preserve wood at edges for string contact.

These are basic steps. Tool design is important for
implementation and results. I use a .655 mm thick or
thinner inlay depending on the bridge along with a chisel
of appropriate size.
Some favorite tools.
The inlay positioned exactly as it will be placed into the bridge